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about me 

I invite you to my world, where the hobby has turned into a job that you just want to get out of bed for!


how it started

from one machine on a desk in the showroom to a workshop with a park of industrial machines

I'm a person who has 1000 thoughts per second, when an idea pops into my head, I immediately start working on it. at some point in my life I decided to change the track 180 degrees. I turned from a freight forwarder and salesman into a fairy-tale dress designer!  

my studio

it is a witness of my greatest successes and greatest failures

when I started sewing at home, my black rug was exposed to tons of threads, instead of covering the table with a tablecloth, I covered it with fabric and other accessories. my family were friends and they were eager to help me, but also enemies of the machines that took me from them . 

The final decision was made - my own studio away from home. I work on industrial machines and my own angle is appropriate for them. my asylum is for me and I accept guests only by prior arrangement. meetings


my materials

what do i sew?

the main ingredient of magical dresses is soft and delicate tulle, from which various variations are made. tight-fitting dresses, lining the neck with a mega-elastic jersey, thanks to which even the biggest

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